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Japanese tale: L'île aux libellules (Dragonfly Island)

Stéphane Ferrandez, trained by the masters of the spoken word in Osaka, brings traditional Japanese tales, Rakugo, to young listeners.

In Japan, magic is never far away...
Mukashi, mukashi, once upon a time, a very long time ago, when the world had just begun, Japan was still called Akitsu Shima: Dragonfly Island. At this time, animals had the power to change into something else. 
Aka tombo, a little red dragonfly, told the first emperor of Japan the secrets of the forests on these islands. Set off with them to meet the Japan of legend, where the tanukis and foxes make fun of men and mischievously compete to play the best tricks.
Adapted and directed by: Sandrine Garbuglia

Stéphane Ferrandez  © Aka Tombo