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Discovery Evening: F.F. and the Anarchists of Art

Thursday, 7 November, 2019, from 7.30pm to 11pm

Evening event in conjunction with the exhibition Félix Fénéon. The modern times, from Seurat to Matisse

In partnership with TimeOut, École du Louvre, Oulipo and Rhinocéros.

4 April 1894. While Paris was being rocked by the anarchist wave, one name was on everyone's lips and monopolised the press: a certain F. F, alias Félix Fénéon. But who exactly was this provocative anarchist, libertarian, art collector and gifted writer? This evening event will shine a spotlight on this individual who, in his own words, dropped "literary bombs".

Before its final stage at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the incredible Félix Fénéon will be revealing another side of his personality at the Musée de l’Orangerie this autumn. That of the collector, art critic, writer and active anarchist.
Known for his sharp mind and discerning taste, Félix Fénéon amassed one of the most substantial avant-garde collections of the early 20th century, from Seurat to Matisse.
Guided by the mediators from the École du Louvre, dive into the world of this unique spirit.

Level -2
From 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Mawimbi DJ set :
Étrange Afrique 
An ardent defender of "Arts from Distant Lands", Félix Fénéon opened the debate in 1920 with a controversial article entitled: "Will they be admitted to the Louvre?" 100 years later and in tribute to his initiative, the Mawimbi ensemble will take you to new musical horizons with a DJ set under the museum's glass barrel vault. On the agenda: an original selection of African pop, from Henri Guedon to Sun Ra.

Ground floor, atrium area
From 7.30 to 11pm


Théâtre clandestin in the auditorium
A rebellious spirit and anarchist sympathiser, Félix Fénéon was forced to defend his ideas in court. At the height of the anarchist wave, he was arrested and appeared before a judge during the famous "Procès des Trente" [The Trial of the Thirty] where the leaders of the French anarchist movement were tried. However, rather than bow his head, Félix Fénéon made headlines and transformed the trial into a charade thanks to his humour and his scathing replies. Covertly established in the museum's basement, the Rhinocéros theatre company invites you to relive some of the pearls of this trial. But be warned, to enter you'll need to prove your credentials by giving one of the passwords in circulation during the evening - after all, you are among anarchists!

Level -2
From 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Subject to available space
Duration: 15 min

"Literary bombs" with Oulipo
Writer and polemicist Félix Fénéon played on styles and shook up the world of literature. Between 1903 and 1937, he invented a new genre: ‘news in three lines’. The successors of his approach, the Oulipo writers (a literary group founded in 1960 by François Le Lionnais and Raymond Queneau) describe themselves as "rats who construct the labyrinth from which they plan to escape". Try your hand at a writing workshop like no other alongside Clémentine Mélois and Hervé Le Tellier at this evening event.

Level -2
8pm, 9pm and 10pm

Subject to available space, no prior registration required
Duration: 30 min

Sample the Curieuse Formule menu at the museum's café-bar and relax with a glass in hand to the sounds of the Mawimbi DJ set.

Museum café
From 7.30 pm to 10.45pm