Dance among the Water Lilies: CCN – Ballet de Lorraine

L'Envers, CCN – Ballet de Lorraine

Artistic direction: Petter Jacobsson
Choreography: Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley

After reinventing Relâche, the legendary Swiss ballet conceived by Francis Picabia and René Clair in 1924, the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine has produced L’Envers, a free-form choreography styled after German choreographer Oskar Schlemmer who revolutionised dance in 1922 with his Triadic Ballet. By inventing a dance in the space where the bodies of the dancers appear like something from the famous costumes of the Bauhaus master, the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine transforms the experience of the Water Lilies galleries into a show. The dancers in ‘second skin’ leotards move around the spectators and give expression to the museum’s pictorial works. The CCN – Ballet de Lorraine, one of Europe’s leading contemporary choreographic companies performing contemporary creations and repertoires, constantly questions and acknowledges historic avant-gardes from a modern perspective.

Creation as part of the exhibition Oskar Schlemmer, l’homme qui danse at the Centre Pompidou Metz on 3 December 2016, reproduced for the exhibition Franz Marc / August Macke.The Adventure of the Blue Rider.


CCN, Ballet de Lorraine, L'Envers.Musée de l'Orangerie, 15 avril 2019. Photo © Musée de l'Orangerie / Sophie Crépy





























CCN, Ballet de Lorraine, L'Envers.Musée de l'Orangerie, 15 avril 2019. Photos © Musée de l'Orangerie / Sophie Crépy