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Cine-concert: Woman in the Moon

Fritz Lang’s last silent film, and also the final superproduction by UFA Studios before the 1929 crash, La femme sur la lune [The Woman in the Moon] tells the story of a group that sets out to search for gold on the moon. This moral tale combines humour, fantasy and poetry, as well as tension and suspense.
Rivalry, greed, jealousy, cowardliness – the human relationships explored by Lang are one of the strengths of this film. But the voyage into space is also beautifully filmed, so much so that it appears plausible. Scientists Hermannn Oberth and Fritz von Hoppel, technical advisors on the film, and precursors to the conquest of space, supervised the realism of the scenes of the voyage to the moon down to the tiniest detail. The Tintin of its time!
The screenplay by Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang’s wife, was based on her own novel.

A cellist, pianist, composer and improviser, Gaël Mevel’s career demonstrates his taste for all forms of art and for the bridges that can be built between them. Music, theatre, dance, culinary art and poetry - as a musician, he has created a rich and unusual body of work, which seeks a way between the written and the improvised, and which is acclaimed by the international press.


Directed by Fritz Lang, 1929
With Willy Fritsch, Gustav von Wangenheim, Tilla Durieux
Duration: 2h36
Musical accompaniment: Gaël Mevel, cello ; Nathanaël Mevel, electronic music

Cine-concert proposed as part of the exhibition Franz Marc / August Macke. The adventure of the Blue Rider