Landscape of the Midi

Paysage du Midi

André Derain stayed in the Midi region in the south of France again in 1932 and 1933. The village represented here is presumed to be Eygalières. It is recognisable by its ancient keep and its clock tower, as well as the ramparts on the left overlooked by a chapel. Below, a cypress tree-lined alley leads to the old cemetery.
This canvas is more serene than the landscapes Derain had previously painted. The different perspectives of the painting are more elaborately superimposed here than in his other works. The ochre and green tones dominate the canvas and give it a more cheerful feel. A warm light emanates from the right. The minerals and vegetables complement one another. The slender trees on the right with their outstretched branches and their pale green foliage bring the composition to life. The undulation is emphasised by the low walls, the paths and the small bridge in the lower part of the canvas.
Derain seems to have been greatly inspired by the village. Paul Guillaume, for his part, owned a large number of these views of Eygalières.

Provenance: Paul Guillaume; Domenica Walter