Until 14 September 2020, only the rooms of Water Lilies are accessible.
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Le repaire de Lily [Lily’s Lair]

From 3 July to 26 August 2019, the Musée de l’Orangerie will be running a programme especially for young people within its permanent collections, Le repaire de Lily [Lily’s Lair], on the theme of narration.

Children aged 6 to 12 are invited to delve into the paintings in the collection using an exhibition leaflet that presents various works through short stories: Navire dans la tempête [Ship in a Storm] by Douanier Rousseau, Jeunes filles au piano [Young Girls at the Piano] by Renoir, and works by Matisse and Picasso…

The visit continues at the creative lab installed at the heart of the museum with five free and autonomous activities to allow children to unravel their imagination:

  • "Imagine the character’s dialogues…" for several works in the collection
  • "Delve into the artist’s universe" thanks to a giant collective fresco
  • “Whisper illustrated stories" thanks to a selection of works by the partner publishers of the Repaire de Lily [Lily’s Lair]
  • "Imagine what the painter could have drawn if the canvas was bigger" to create a series of drawings inspired by the collections
  • "Tell us a story" and share it at the lab, with a selection published this summer on petitsmots.fr

In the auditorium, the Animaginaires de Lily [Lily’s Animagination], a programme of short animated films, will be shown three times a day:

  • Visual arts: sessions at 10am, 1pm and 4pm
  • Music: sessions at 11am, 2pm and 5pm
  • Nature: sessions at 12pm and 3pm    

In partnership with Films pour enfants. Each session is composed of several short films and lasts approximately 30 min.
Free, without advance booking, auditorium level -2

Free activity, without advance booking, within the museum opening times
Leaflet in English or French
Activities run in English and French, level -2
Children under 13 must remain under the supervision of an adult