Films and documentaries now showing

The projections take place in the auditorium, at level -2 of the museum.

Written by Pierre Georgel, in collaboration with Judith Wechsler
Produced by Judith Wechsler in collaboration with Jean-Paul Fargier (2006)
English subtitles
Duration: 44 mins
Sreenings at 9.20am, 12 and 2.45pm

Directed by Jean-François Roudot (2006)
Duration: 38 mins
Sreenings at 10.10am, 1pm and 3.45pm

Written by Muriel Levy and Valérie Firla
Directed by Valérie Firla (2007)
Duration: 52 mins
Sreenings at 11am, 1.45pm and 4.30pm
More informations: Les Productions du Golem