From September onwards, the rooms containing the 150 works from the Musée de l’Orangerie’s permanent collection will no longer be accessible to the public. These spaces will be undergoing renovation until Mid-May 2020, and there will be a new presentation of the collections in spring 2020.

This new presentation of the Musée de l’Orangerie collections, in renovated spaces, will create a closer connection between the two parts of the collection – Water Lilies / École de Paris [School of Paris] in the early 20th century – with an elegant spatial and visual coherence within the building and a fluid, educational and stimulating visitor circuit. The visit will begin with a striking entrance to the collections with a large polyptych by Joan Mitchell (loan from the Musée national d’Art moderne) on the one hand, and large-scale works by the modern "primitives” - Picasso, Douanier Rousseau, Derain, Modigliani, Matisse, etc. on the other - based on the vision of the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. The monographic galleries will give the public a new, more up-close and comfortable perspective of the works. The exceptional loan of a set of African and Oceanian sculptures, previously in the Paul Guillaume collection, by the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, as well as several drawings and archives, will further enhance the itinerary.

During these works, the museum will continue to be open and offer exciting events. The rooms displaying Claude Monet’s Water Lilies will remain open to visitors. In October, the temporary exhibition devoted to an astonishing figure, Félix Fénéon. The Modern Times, from Seurat to Matisse (16 October 2019 – 27 January 2020), will bring together masterpieces of modern art: the subtle paintings of Seurat, the hedonistic visions of Matisse and Bonnard, the dazzling paintings of the Futurists along with pieces from Africa and Oceania.

The photographs of Patrick Tosani Reflets et transpercements [Reflections and Transfixion] (16 October 2019 – 17 February 2020) – will form a playful counterpoint to Monet’s water landscapes and Fénéon’s concise and caustic world.

The Dance among the Water Lilies cycle is also returning this autumn/winter with some beautiful moments: Myriam Gourfink and her piece Glissements, François Chaignaud and a recital based on Isadora Duncan and finally, Carolyn Carlson with a solo Immersion and a duo Wind Woman.

The Orangerie will be at all the season’s major artistic events: the Nuit Blanche and its traditional Quartet Night, the FIAC at the Tuileries with an installation by Noël Dolla and a performance by Alessandro Sciarronni, the Autumn Festival with choreography by Myriam Gourfink…

A wonderful opening to the autumn season!

Cécile Debray, Director of the Musée de l’Orangerie