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Dance among the Water Lilies

Redesign, recreate, reappropriate, transform, adapt dance heritage: this programme of short performances with flexible formats invites visitors to discover or rediscover the wealth of modern heritage and its creative potential for contemporary dance, itself in the process of establishing its repertoire.
Dance in the immersive space of Monet's Water Lilies thus brings art and performance together to turn the museum into a hub of constant transformation and transmission. “I suppose it never begins, it just continues” wrote Martha Graham in her Mémoires [Notebooks].

Programming: Isabelle Danto


CCN, Ballet de Lorraine, L'Envers, Musée de l'Orangerie, 15 April 2019. Photo © Musée de l'Orangerie / Sophie Crépy

Upcoming program



Dates susceptibles d’être modifiées en raison de la crise sanitaire.

Récital, solo, François Chaignaud
Lundi 26 avril 2021, 19h et 20h30

"Schönheit ist Nebensache : la beauté est une affaire mineure", Pol Pi
Lundi 10 mai 2021, 19h et 20h30

Boléro 2, Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh
Lundi 31 mai 2021, 19h

Étrangler le temps, Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh
Lundi 31 mai 2021, 20h30

Faune, Faune, Faune (création 2020), Vaslav Nijinski, Jerome Robbins et Kurt Joos
Lundi 7 juin 2021, 19h et 20h30

B.C, Janvier 1545 Fontainebleau, Christian Rizzo – CCN de Montpellier / Languedoc-Roussillon
Lundi 28 juin 2021, 19h et 20h30

Un boléro (1928), Dominique Brun et François Chaignaud
Lundi 5 juillet 2021, 19h et 20h30

Création pour les salles des Nymphéas, Cristiana Morganti et Kenji Takagi
Lundi 27 septembre 2021, 19h et 20h30

Zoo, Compagnie Labkine 
Lundi 15 novembre 2021, 19h et 20h30

Isadora, Jérôme Bel, avec Elisabeth Schwartz
Lundi 6 décembre 2021, 19h et 20h30

Somehow Myself Survived The Night, Alban Richard
Lundi 24 janvier 2022, 19h et 20h30

Solos – Programme Merce Cunningham, CCN - Ballet de Lorraine
Monday 2 March 2020, 7pm and 8.30pm

Quintet, Emanuel Gat
Monday 3 February 2020, 7pm and 8.30pm

Wind Woman/Immersion, Carolyn Carlson
Monday 13 January 2020, 7pm and 8.30pm

Recital, solo, François Chaignaud - choreography, dance, singing ; Adriano Spampanato - piano
Monday 25 November 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

Don’t be frightened of turning the page, Alessandro Sciarroni
FIAC event
Sunday 20 October 2019, 4pm

Glissements, Myriam Gourfink
Monday 30 September 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

Pulse Constellations, Gabriel Schenker
Monday 27 May 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

L'Envers, CCN – Ballet de Lorraine
Monday 15 April 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

A Mary Wigman Dance Evening, Fabian Barba
Monday 18 March 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

In Plain Site, Trisha Brown Dance Company, duos and quatuors
Monday 21 January 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

Choreographic recital, solo, François Chaignaud - choreography, dance, singing; Adriano Spampanato - piano
Monday 7 January 2019, 7pm and 8.30pm

Pearls don’t define the necklace, duo, Dominique Brun, Sylvain Prunenec
Monday 3 December 2018, 7pm and 8.30pm

Movement on movement, solo from and by Noé Soulier
Monday 5 November 2018, 7pm and 8.30pm

Immersion, a solo choreographed and performed by Carolyn Carlson
Monday 8 October 2018, 7pm and 8.30pm

OCD LOVE, Lev Dance Company (Sharon Eyal et Gai Behar)
FIAC event
Saturday 20 October 2018, 4pm

Merce Cunningham Event
Monday 4 June 2018, 7pm and 8.30pm