The museum is closed until further notice. Visitors who purchased a ticket for this period will be reimbursed automatically. No action is necessary. We thank you for your understanding.

Cultural Intermediaries for Social Inclusion

The project Mahatta. Words from Elsewhere, Artworks from Here in partnership with SINGA France

In hopes to offer everyone access to culture, the museum assists and supports professionals in the social field in organising visits adapted to their requirements.
Introductions to the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and mediation are available.


Familiarisation tour
Programmed throughout the year, these tours serve as wonderful introductions to the Museum, its collections (Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and the Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume Collection) and its activities. They provide an opportunity to meet your social inclusion contact and to discuss how to prepare and carry out your own specific projects for the visit.
Following these meetings, the intermediaries are able to lead a visit with their own group, and have the added benefit of free admission.

Themed visit
This option, consisting of themed tours and mediation workshops, will enable you to find out more about the Museum by looking at one particular topic. Open to intermediaries who have already taken the familiarisation tour, this will help you adopt suitable mediation techniques and give a direction to your group visit.

Visiting with your group
All group visits to the Museum require a reservation, even when entitled to free admission. A group is a minimum of 5 persons and a maximum of 20.
Groups can be accompanied by a national RMN-Grand Palais guide, or by a cultural intermediary who has taken the familiarisation tour.

You can apply for a group visit by filling out online form or by mail to:

Musée d'Orsay
Direction des publics
Réservations des groupes
62 rue de Lille
75343 Paris cedex 07
by attaching this reservation form

The Musée de l’Orangerie’s “Extra-Mural” Programme
Since 2012, the museum has been extending itself to people who cannot come to visit the installations (hospitals, prisons and detention centres, retirement homes). With this experience behind it, the Museum has developed a varied programme of illustrated lectures and workshops, selected to suit the audience in question.


The Musée de l’Orangerie’s commitment

The Vivre Ensemble (Living Together) mission, established in 2004, is directed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and brings together about thirty cultural establishments creating the "Wider Public" working party, which the Musée de l’Orangerie joined in 2010. The aim of this working party is to reach out to people who are unfamiliar with cultural institutions and to develop the synergy between establishments in order to establish a common policy on broadening the range of visitors.

Find out more about the “Vivre Ensemble” mission


Letter to Intermediaries

A number of cultural establishments have decided to get together, within the context of the "Vivre Ensemble" mission, to attract visitors who are "unfamiliar with cultural institutions". This letter is to the cultural intermediaries of “social inclusion” associations, and is to communicate the most interesting details of current activities.

At the end of the letter, you will find a calendar setting out the dates put forward by the various establishments.

Download the letter to the 36 intermediaries